Current Golf Course

Kodaikanal Golf Club.

Email Id

Date of Birth

28th August

Years in Current Golf Course

25 Years

GII. Why did you choose Golf Course Superintendent as a career?

GS.   I did not choose to be a superintendant but circumstances have made me one over the years.

GII. What type of ‘on the job training’ have you had in the field

GS.   Have done 3 seminars with Dr. Micah Woods.

GII. What type of education, classes, seminars, or other training you have in the field of Turf Grass management?

GS.   Book knowledge plus hands on experience in turf grass management over the years.

GII. Describe the different challenges you face as a Golf Course Superintendent. What seems to be the biggest challenge for you and why?

GS.   This golf course is the sanctuary of the Indian gaur and to co-exist with them without any conflict has been the biggest challenge.

GII. What would you do to further your knowledge of proper Course Maintenance?

GS.   Learn more on turf grass management under organic practice.

GII. How are challenging situations handled involving Golfers who have concerns or complaints regarding the tee marker and Cup locations?

GS.   Explain the limitation of the course and the challenges are mostly answered. Also give a patient hearing to the golfer’s problems, for the golfers finally are the ones who sustain a golf course.

GII. What is your opinion of Golf Courses in relation to the Environment?

GS.    It is very important for the superintendent to understand the environment and to ensure that at no cost the natural settings are disturbed.

GII. If your course uses effluent water, what process is used to prepare it for use on the course?

GS.   We do not use waste water but use the fresh water judiciously. Our golf course which is situated in a hill station contributes to the water requirement of the town as and when required.

GII. What have been the most rewarding aspects of your profession?

GS.    Converting our management practice from the normal chemical loads to organic has been the most rewarding aspect of profession.

GII. Knowing what you do now, if you had a chance to start your career over, would you again choose the Golf Course Superintendent? If yes, why?

GS.    Yes, without any doubt, for the environment is an experience to work in and to leave something back for the next generation.

GII. Best practice which you would like to share with other Golf Courses Superintendents.

GS.    Try to bring down the chemical load usage and bring organic practices.

Age when you started working

20 years

First Golf Course you worked for

kadaikanal Golf Club

Favorite Golf Course in India


Favorite Food


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Favorite Sports Magazine

Down to Earth

Favorite Pro Event

Jumeirah European Tour

Favorite Golfer

Tiger Woods

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Favorite Car

Mini Cooper