Gaurav Pundir

Current Golf Course

The Tollygunge Club Ltd.

Email Id

Date of Birth

4th September

Years in Current Golf Course


GII. Why did you choose Golf Course Superintendent as a career?

GP.   It is a mere chance to join the Golf course field in year 2000. As the job relates to the Environment and the sports called Golf, it becomes a passion at a later stage.

GII. What type of ‘on the job training’ have you had in the field

GP.   I got my first ‘On the job training’ in Delhi Golf Club which was my first Golf course where I have learnt skills of Turf Maintenance, Turf care machinery & equipments, Irrigation & Water Management, Fertilization, Golf Operations etc.

GII. What type of education, classes, seminars, or other training you have in the field of Turf Grass management?

GP.   I am a qualified forester with MBA in Human Resource Management which helps me to manage both the turf and manpower efficiently with limited resources. I have attended various Golf Expo and Seminars conducted by Indian Golf Union (IGU) and Golf Course Superintendent & Manager’s Association of India (GCS & MAI). Turf expert Dr. Micah Woods Seminar conducted by IGU was very useful. There should be more Seminars & field training & other exposure to improve our knowledge in this vast field.

GII. Describe the different challenges you face as a Golf Course superintendent. What seems to be the biggest challenge for you and why?

GP.   The biggest challenge is to transform the golf course from the past conditions. As a Golf Superintendent, your job profile is very complex in nature. The Superintendent does a multitude of roles pertaining to the below specialists:

1.     Agronomist
2.     Weatherman
3.     Irrigation specialist/ Hydraulics specialist
4.     Golf Personnel Manager
5.     Financial Specialist
6.     Pathologist and Entomologist
7.     Soil Specialist
8.     Chemical Specialist
9.     Motor Mechanic
10.   Plant Nutritionist
11.   Trainer
12.   Strategist

GII. What would you do to further your knowledge of proper Course Maintenance?

GP.   Keep updating myself by regularly attending National and distance education seminars

GII. How are challenging situations handled involving Golfers who have concerns or complaints regarding the tee marker and Cup locations?

GP.   The complaint regarding the placement of Tee Markers and the Cup (Flag) locations is being handled as per laid down Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

GII. What is your opinion of Golf Courses in relation to the Environment?

GP.   Golf courses can, in reality, have a positive impact on the Environment and the surrounding community.

  • It provide rich biodiversity

  • Preserve open space and remnant vegetation within urban environments

  • Protect water resources

  • Protect top soil from degradation

  • Rehabilitate degraded landscape

  • Promote physical and mental well being

  • Promote indigenous flora and fauna

GII. If your course uses effluent water, what process is used to prepare it for use on the course?

GP.   The Club treats the waste water which is generated from the various facilities on site. We are using Vortex Dewats system which is a decentralized waste water treatment systems based on several natural physical and biological treatment techniques.

        The different devices cover primary, secondary and tertiary treatment stages which are mainly the Settler followed by the Baffled tank reactor, Anaerobic filter with the Vortex System.

GII. What have been the most rewarding aspects of your profession?

GP.   Provide the best putting surface and consistent green.

GII. Knowing what you do now, if you had a chance to start your career over, would you again choose the Golf Course Superintendent? If yes, why?

GP.   It has become a passion now with utmost satisfaction.

GII. Best practice which you would like to share with other Golf Courses Superintendents.

GP.   1.   Keep doing light top dressing of the greens frequently,

         2.   It control thatch and give good speed,

         3.   It repairs pitch/ball marks also.

Age when you started working

28 years

First Golf Course you worked for

Delhi Golf Club

Favorite Golf Course in India

All Golf Course have a Unique Character. All are favourite

Favorite Food

Dal Chawal and Curd

Favorite Drink


Favorite Sports Magazine

Golf Digest India

Favorite Pro Event

indian open

Favorite Golfer

Tiger Woods

Favorite Golf Set


Favorite Car