Harshada Abhyankar

Current Golf Course

Poona Golf Club Ltd

Email Id

Date of Birth

10th November

Years in Current Golf Course


GII. Why did you choose Golf Course Superintendent as a career?

HA.   It was always a fantasy to do a non routine job. This is my passion now as this job was out of the routine type than other jobs. It is a challenge to achieve than a career. I have chosen it as a career as it is a job in the open field rather than in an air-conditioned cubicle.

GII. What type of “on the job training” have you had in the field

HA.   Attended 03 seminars by Dr. Micah Woods, 01 Seminar by Dr. Bud, Agronomist at USA.

GII. What type of education, classes, seminars, or other training you have in the field of Turf Grass management?

HA.   I am qualified as Master of Agriculture. Attended seminar at Pattaya, Thailand on turf grass maintenance and in Singapore on Asian Turf Maintenance.

GII. Describe the different challenges you face as a Golf Course superintendent. What seems to be the biggest challenge for you and why?

HA.   Initially, being a lady superintendent was a big challenge I had faced. Some time it is quite tough to maintain “a well maintained course (agronomically)” just because authority on board is not in agreement. Many time it’s challenging to execute the agronomy suggested by non-agronomist/agriculturist.

The biggest challenge is to maintain the optimum standard’s playability of the course as per the requirement of the ground or availability of sources due to unsuitable suggestions or implications ordered. Many a times its personality oriented turf maintenance than a agronomical turf maintenance.

GII. What would you do to further your knowledge of proper Course Maintenance?

HA.   Reading Turf maintenance available data is definitely adding up in knowledge. Practical experience sharing with National & International superintendent is also knowledge booster.

GII. How challenging situations are handled involving Golfers who have concerns or complaints regarding the tee marker and Cup locations?

HA.   I always handle all complaints positively, diplomatically either tee marker or cup location or any other related to course maintenance. I always follow the approved tee rotation system and pin position allocation way which helps to explain better to professionals/Golfers.

GII. What is your opinion of Golf Courses in relation to the Environment?

HA.   Golf Courses acts as natural habitat for all wildlife flora and fauna. It acts as bird’s sanctuary. Best part of the golf courses is you can get fresh breeze even when you are surrounded with pollution if the course is at the middle of the city. The golf courses situated in the middle of city acts as Mitochondria of Oxygen.

GII. If your course uses effluent water, what process is used to prepare it for use on the course?

HA.   Presently our water source is natural water source.

GII. What have been the most rewarding aspects of your profession?

HA.   Successful setup/presentation of course for all professional tournaments with maintenance team. Even with all complaints making golfers/members enjoy their day at golf courses with smile on face while leaving the course the ends of golf rounds ,is rewarding

GII. Knowing what you do now, if you had a chance to start your career over, would you again choose the Golf Course Superintendent? If yes, why?

HA.  Definitely ,Yes (Probably Private Course). It’s more of passion than a career.

GII. Best practice which you would like to share with other Golf Courses Superintendents.

HA.   1.  Knowledge/on ground experience sharing with fellow Superintendents.

         2.  Healthy & true professional competition within industry.

         3.  Recommendation should be to the true to type candidates.

         4.  One must respect the practices followed by his/her ex-superintendent fellow at the course in their tenure keeping in mind the steps/actions taken would have been as per the need of that time/situation.

         5.  Must follow suitable best local agronomic practices & agricultural products.

Age when you started working

24 years

First Golf Course you worked for

Aamby Valley Ltd, Lonavala, Pune

Favorite Golf Course in India

Aamby Valley Ltd, Lonavala, Pune

Favorite Food

All Food ( Except Non- Veg)

Favorite Drink

Fresh Juices Tea

Favorite Sports Magazine

Golf Today

Favorite Pro Event

Asian open

Favorite Golfer

Shiv Kapoor

Favorite Golf Set