Sudhir Shivaji Sawant

Current Golf Course

Kharghar Valley Golf Course

Email Id

Date of Birth

10th February

Years in Current Golf Course

04 Years


GII. Why did you choose Golf Course Superintendent as a career?

SS.   I din’t had any idea about Golf and had no experience in this field. I got a reference from one of my teacher mentioning that there is a vacancy in landscaping field. I was searching for jobs in landscaping field and explored the opportunity. I got interviewed in one of the top Golf Courses in India – Oxford Golf Resorts & got selected as Asst. Golf Course Superintendent. After joining, I got many opportunities in this field and pursued this as my career.

GII. What type of ‘on the job training’ have you had in the field

SS.   I got on the job trainings in Machine Operations, Irrigation Operations & Supervisory role for field work in the course.

GII. What type of education, classes, seminars, or other training you have in the field of Turf Grass management?

SS.  I have been trained under Golf Course Superintendent Mr. Nagbhushan (India), Mr. Norman Carr (Australia), Mr. Trigon Tirawan (Thailand). I have attended Turf Grass seminars of Dr Micah Woods in 2011 (Eagleton Golf Course, Bengaluru), 2012 (Kodaikanal Golf Club Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu) & 2013 (Jayachamaraja Wadiyar Golf Course Mysore, Karnataka), 2018 (Seminar in Golf Expo 2018, Bengaluru).

GII. Describe the different challenges you face as a Golf Course Superintendent. What seems to be the biggest challenge for you and why?

SS.   I have worked with different grasses in different climatic conditions. The biggest challenge is to maintain the warm season grass during heavy rainfalls specially during June-October, when the conditions are favorable for diseases and there is not much sunlight. Due to continuous raining, even the preventive sprays are not helpful to control the disease.

GII. What would you do to further your knowledge of proper Course Maintenance?

SS.   Learning from my own experiences as well as from sharing experiences with other Superintendents. I also enhance my knowledge by reading different books.

GII. How are challenging situations handled involving Golfers who have concerns or complaints regarding the tee marker and Cup locations?

SS.   We take feedback from Golfers for their complaints and resolve them by giving technical reasons. This is a two way process where we keep on learning and resolving complaints.

GII. What is your opinion of Golf Courses in relation to the Environment?

SS.   It is very important to the Environment. We have to understand the environment and ensure that there is no imbalance done to the nature due to wrong practices.

GII. If your course uses effluent water, what process is used to prepare it for use on the course?

SS.   We do not use effluent water.

GII. What have been the most rewarding aspects of your profession?

SS.   I am nature loving person and working with nature is the most rewarding aspect for my profession.

GII. Knowing what you do now, if you had a chance to start your career over, would you again choose the Golf Course Superintendent? If yes, why?

SS.   Yes, It is a very interesting & challenging job everyday. We have to be very careful everyday to work with different challenges.

GII. Best practice which you would like to share with other Golf Courses Superintendents.

SS.   Do the yearly planning and go as per plan. This will help to maintain good quality Golf Courses.

Age when you started working

24 years

First Golf Course you worked for

Oxford Golf Resort

Favorite Golf Course in India

Zion Hills Country Club

Favorite Food

Poha , Meat & Fish

Favorite Drink

Cold Coffee

Favorite Sports Magazine

Golf Digest India

Favorite Pro Event


Favorite Golfer

Tiger Woods

Favorite Golf Set


Favorite Car

Mercedes S450