tete-a-tete with Col. KKK Singh

GII. Which is your favorite Golf Course and why?

CKS.  Jaypee Greens, Greater Noida. Beautiful design. Greens, fairways, bunkers and tees have been well designed. You stand at the tee and see beautifully laid out gentle undulating fairways, well located bunkers and water bodies. It is pleasing to the eyes. Greens are large as per the degree  of difficulty of the hole. Any amount of rain, there is no water logging on the course, due to proper deign and construction. The whole course is sand based and water is drained into water bodies through perforated pipes, which are connected to the mother lake and from there it is pumped back to the course when required. The irrigation system is fully automatic and depending upon the ET, only exact quantity of water is applied on the course. Water bodies keep the temperature down and allow water plants to grow, which in turn cleans the air quality. Water from residential areas is also collected and cleaned through treatment plant, thereby reducing the usage of ground water. It is really a beautiful course to play and enjoy natural beauty.

GII. For how long have you been playing Golf and what initiated you into this game?

CKS.  I have been playing Golf for more than 30 years and was initiated by my senior officers in the Army

GII. Which Golf Course you have witnessed during Development Phase?

CKS.  None

GII. Your favorite Golf Course for Hospitality & Management.

CKS.  Jaypee Greens and Delhi Golf Course.

GII. Which all Golf Courses (past and present) you have been associated with?

CKS.  I started working with golf courses after retiring from the Army in the year 2000.First Golf course was Army Golf Course Dhaula Kuan, New Delhi where I worked for year and a half, and started learning about management of course and the game itself.
After that I was Secretary Noida Golf Course, where I was also the Course Manager.
Third Golf Course was Chandigarh Golf Course, for two years. It was most challenging job as there were four different types of turf on 18 greens.
My next experience was with the Jaypee Greens where I worked for 9 long years.It was wonderful to work there on such a beautiful course. During my tenure, various tournaments were held and the most prestigious was  Avantha Masters where we achieved ball roll distance of 11 on Stimp Meter. Tournament director and players were very happy with the course condition.
My next work was at ITC Classic Gurugram, where I worked as GM for more than a year, another beautifully designed course.
I am a member of Delhi Golf Club, Noida Golf Course and Army Golf Course where I enjoy playing besides other courses. Presently I am a member of the Core committee, seeing the renovation of Delhi Golf Course(greens complex).

GII. Where do you see the Golf Industry after 5 years.

CKS. Golf Industry is growing but not as fast as expected, basically because of shortage of golf courses. Due to population explosion, there is too much pressure on availability of land. Besides private builders, government should also encourage to build more courses. We can make 6 or 9 or 12 hole courses to overcome this problem. We should open more public courses where any one can go and play (cheaper green fees).

GII. Give us an example of when you thought ‘outside of the box’. How did it help?

CKS.  I found that all the golf courses, after coring, make temporary greens so that greens recover faster. It is a good practise but I allowed players to play on the main greens. Cored holes were left open for 24 hours before they were top dressed with sand,it allowed better aeration. Another option is to core half portion of a green and other half is cored after recovery of first half. Some how I found that characteristic of the green changes and at times recovery is not same in the later cored portion.

GII. A tough situation when your expert advice to the management led to an improvement in your Department/Company.

CKS.  At some point of time, I was told to plant lots of trees at the golf course, any place vacant, a tree must be planted. It took lot of time to explain that there is a difference between a golf course and a garden. Instead we planted plants which does not require much looking after and are golf course friendly. At no stage, sunlight and air circulation should be restricted specially to the greens and tees. This resulted in less maintenance and enhanced the beauty of the golf course.

GII. What is your advice to patrons and colleagues of Golf Courses to help them in increasing their revenues.

CKS. To increase the revenue, we must reduce the membership and green fees without causing inconvenience to permanent members. Like allowing more people to play on week days, encourage people to use golf carts to reduce playing time. Lights can be put in the beginning and closing holes in winters and so on.

GII. Seeing the current trend, do you feel Golf can be as favorite as Cricket in India.

CKS.  Not at the moment. All the money and glamour is going to cricket, and because of that all other games are suffering. Even if one tenth of money comes to say hockey or football or few other games, we will do much better at National and international level. We should hold more tournaments and increase prize money.

GII. How many years you feel it may take to reach that level.

CKS.  5 to 10 years.

GII. How can we grow the numbers of Golfers in India.

CKS.  Make public courses and land must be provided by state and central government. Like in UK every village has some sort of golf facility, one village has one hole course. Most important, it should be at affordable cost.

GII. What excites you on a Golf Course?

CKS.  Greenery and layout of course. It should be pleasing to the eyes and well maintained.

GII. Favorite 19th Hole Drink.

CKS.  Favourite drink a chilled glass of beer or sweet lime juice with pinch of black salt.